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When you’re genuinely happy and comfortable, you seek to do more of the things that make you happy.You want to be the best you can be, not because it might win someone over, but because you’ve already learned that doing right by you helps you and your relationship when you’re in a healthy one.-------------------------------------------------- 6000 BC: Mesopotamia; Sea level rise in Gulf of Persia, 4000 BC Irrigated society, 3500 BC #488.-------------------------------------------------- 5500 BC: Europe; 5500 BC: Reported Mid-Holocene flooding of Baltic Sea by Meditteranean waters.If we don’t heed the lessons in what can quite frankly be our own relationship insanity, the lesson will keep coming back like a bad habit or relationship that you just can’t flush.Cue Richard Pryor saying “What does that one chunk want?That’s not because you’re not worthy or valuable or good enough, or whatever depleting label you want to put on it that makes it about you in an inverted ego issue kind of way – it’s because any relationship that requires you to deduct you from the proceedings and to engage in behaviour and thinking that detracts from you, isn’t love. It’s self-obliteration but it sure as hell ain’t love.Love isn’t about having the power to change someone or becoming an entirely different person and erasing who you are to accommodate what you think the whims of someone else are.

The ‘passive-downtrader’ is a passenger in the uncomfortable comfort zone, believing this is as good as it gets on the last chance saloon, or ruminating privately about why they’re not good enough to change the person or have a better relationship, while being too afraid to actually positively focus on themselves and do something that gets them out of their uncomfortable comfort zone.

Your time isn’t up until it’s up, which means you’ve got life left in you right now to make a difference to your own life.

If you were happy selling yourself short in your traded down life, you wouldn’t be complaining and feeling the effects of treading water in drama and stress and/or silencing your own needs.

Having your life based on moving goalposts and appointing someone as a higher authority in your life is a precarious and painful existence.

This isn’t as good as it gets and your last chance saloon hasn’t gone.

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