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Sets the background color of the window and/or its controls. Leave either parameter blank to retain the current color.

Otherwise, specify one of the 16 primary HTML color names or a 6-digit RGB color value (the 0x prefix is optional), or specify the word Default to return either to its default color. By default, the window's background color is the system's color for the face of buttons, and the controls' background color is the system's default window color (usually white).

The window is also shown and activated, if necessary. If the window is minimized, it will stay that way but will probably rise higher in the z-order (which is the order seen in the alt-tab selector).

For example: is omitted or does not exist on the system, the previous font's typeface will be used (or if none, the system's default GUI typeface).

This behavior is useful to make a GUI window have a similar font on multiple systems, even if some of those systems lack the preferred font.

Zero or more of the following strings may be present in (specify each number as decimal, not hexadecimal): Wn: Specify for n the width (in pixels) of the window's client area (the client area excludes the window's borders, title bar, and menu bar).

Hn: Specify for n the height of the window's client area, in pixels.

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