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It's a little chilly here in Texas this morning and my nipples react to the cool breeze.That always turns me on ;) Especially when I'm sluttily flirting with you!At one point, my husband cameraman can't resist touching them.Close UP and POV, this video is all about swinging, hanging, BIG tits! Runtime 4min - 423.3 meg - 1920x1080 .00 Buy Now My bust is 42F cup. Even contained in a tight fitting bra, my titties jiggle! This video is close up BOUNCING, JIGGLING Big Boobs!My hair is barely brushed and just piled on my head to keep out of my face, and I'm bending over the tub cleaning. Runtime 7min - 356.2 meg - 1920x1080 .00 Buy Now Are you in the mood for some sweet tasting, juicy spread pink pussy? I've cut the gusset out of my pantyhose and I'm seductively laying on the couch in a very inviting position - just waiting for you to bury your face in my spread pussy! I prefer non colored, more natural sheer Eurpoean pantyhose - but before I put them on, I did a few alterations to these blue ones to really sexy them up before I destroyed them.

No music, audio is me talking to you, and my husband's comments back to me as I tell you how sexy I feel in my slip and pantyhose.

He had commented on how he thought the thin straps of my black nylon slip were going to give any moment under the weight of my big titties!

*wink* The straps didn't break, but in all honesty that's probably due to the fact that I relieved the pressure and pulled my tits free one at a time. I felt so sexy wearing it and my crotchless pantyhose, that I decided to immerse myself into a tub of cool bathwater. And the wet slip clings to my body in a very erotic, SEDUCTIVE kind of way ;) Close up shots of my spread pussy - wet hanging tits - wet clingy slip - ass shots! Runtime 5min - 289.4 meg - 1920x1080 .00 Buy Now I've got big tits!

High Def Video Runtime 4min - 377.6 meg - 1920x1080 .00 Buy Now I want a cigarette. I'm wearing a button blouse, that I quickly unbutton to show my big saggies! Then I'll use the dildo to show you how to fuck my titties, and I'll again use the visual dildo *wink* to show you how I'd like to suck your cock! Runtime 7min - 715.3 meg - 1920x1080 .00 Buy Now Teasing you with my big tits. No posed or fake smoking, I'm a true smoker and have smoked for over 30 years.

It's in between shooting while at my naughty (porn filled) weekend cabin get away with my husband, and I step outside to smoke. I'll unbutton my blouse, tease a little with my vintage purple slip, and then pull my big titties free so you can watch them while you listen to me COUNT YOU DOWN. I'll smoke one Marlboro 100 white cigarette while showing you my all natural 42 F tits!

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My ass is totally bare and I'm humping a pillow like I'm fucking your cock! And I've got my favorite blue dildo vibrator filled with fresh batteries.

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