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I always tell my coaching clients that they need to read a guy’s buying signs, and those signs will tell you most everything you need to know about his interest. It’s easy to accidentally sabotage a potential relationship by doing something you normally would not do if not for cell phones or the Internet.One of the biggest signs is, does he text you first after you’ve seen him? After my epic fail with hot guy, I never called another boy again.My first day on campus, as I wandered around aimlessly with my roommate looking for the dining hall, I walked by a guy who completely took my breath away. We would cross paths on Thursdays while I was on my way to Spanish.It was the first time I had been struck with the “love at first sight” feeling. Sometimes I mustered a hello, sometimes just a smile.

Perfectionists have big mood swings both on and off the road. The one who won’t pull out into traffic if he sees a car coming two miles away.If you are in a relationship with someone that explodes into road rage when other people don’t drive to his liking you are dealing with a perfectionist.This is the kind of guy that is happy when things are going his way, but when he has to deal with opposition or imperfection, his mood sinks.And I’m happy to say, that strategy served me very well for all the years I dated. And I’m telling you right now, sending that photo isn’t going to ensure that happens.But most girls today don’t get the clear cut “not interested” sign like I did. The more likely scenario is just what you suspected.

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