Stop windows xp updating

And once Microsoft stops providing security patches and updates to Windows XP SP3 and Microsoft Security Essentials, it will become an open playground for hackers and malware pushers.

It will effectively have a zero-day vulnerability in perpetuity!

But, although the figure may (or may not) come down, the figures in developing countries will continue to be high.

While you can always go in for some free Anti Virus software and a free Firewall software, I’d recommend that you install a free, but fully integrated Internet Security Suite, which could offer a multi-layered protection. Should something go wrong, you will have the option of going back.

When you do this, the file names will always appear with their extensions like .doc, .pdf, .txt, etc.

This will help you in seeing the real extensions of the files and thus make it a bit more difficult for malware to disguise itself and get on your computer.

When Microsoft ends support for Windows XP, it will stop releasing security and other updates for it.

It will even stop supporting Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows XP.

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That’s like literally hundreds of millions of computers still running Windows XP!

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