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Do not spam her with messages or send abusive and threatening messages if she doesn’t agree to date you.I shouldn’t have to say this but some men are idiots.This article is about how to go about getting the first date once you have managed to open and get a response from a women. In an ideal world you would match someone online, or simply message them saying “meet at mine at 7pm Saturday” and that’s it. For a women to agree to go on a date with you she must: Bottom line, try not to come across as weird or creepy by begging, pleading, being too invested or acting nice just to get her to agree to go out with you. You can do that other stuff when you start dating her.The primary aim of chatting to a women online is to meet her in real life. Once you feel you have messaged back and forth enough to get her feeling attracted and safe, it’s time to move fast and get something in the diary. Here’s why: As a rule, aim to arrange a date within 24 hours of her initial response to your first message, ideally within the first session of back and forth messaging.

Whats App is more of a real-time chat than SMS (hence why I like it). Very few people have plans every night of the week. Then don’t contact her until she returns, and meanwhile move on to setting up dates with other women.

Some guys would argue that you should arrange the date close to yours so you can take her back to yours on the first date.

I generally only do that on a second date so I don’t mind if we aren’t that close. Have a bar that you go to regularly near where you live and get to know the bar staff.

When you read my strategy below you’ll see what I mean. I don’t pay too much attention to this, but here are some things to consider: In other words, there is no ideal time to message. That means you don’t care if you are rejected (and as I said before, you will get rejected, many, many times). It’s time to convert your online chat to a first date.

Learn the patterns of each girl you are talking to and make decisions accordingly. Your mind will tell you that you are more likely to be rejected and should prolong the messaging phase to avoid the pain. You shouldn’t care if you get rejected because you are an Alpha male and you know you have an abundance of women in your life (even if this isn’t true yet, you must believe it will happen). After about 10-20 back and forth messages (keeping them short, 1-2 sentences each) you are going to move her from the website or app to Whats App.

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You’re all set to make your next move – the first date proposal.

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