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AND IF ELECTED, I WILL NOT ROLL OVER Ozona voters elected Raymond Davee as justice of the peace. Sterling died Tuesday in San Antonio after a brief illness.” ZIP CODE 00000 U. postal authorities in Bryan insisted that city officials name a two-hundred-foot stretch of pavement that had served as an entrance to a country club for fifteen years.

Anson voters elected Roy Lambert as justice of the peace. YOU WOULDN’T LISTEN, SO HE TOLD THE JUDGE The Reverend W . Otwell, a fugitive from contempt-of-court charges resulting from his refusal to license his church-run boys’ home, explained his disappearance by saying, “God didn’t tell me to go to jail.” THE STEGOSAURUS SOLD EARLY Marvin Allen Weir, Jr., of Austin was arrested for stealing dinosaur tracks from a creekbed in Hays County, after a tipster told law enforcement officers that he saw the tracks in the back of a pickup while attending a garage sale at Weir’s home. Bryan city manager Ernest Clark designated the roadway as “Un-named Street.” “AS ALIVE AS YOU ARE, SIR” While visiting the Middle East, Vice President George Bush asked a Jordanian army briefing officer, “How dead is the Dead Sea?

Teachers blew a fuse because they were forced to take competency tests, which 97 per cent of them passed and the rest were able to take again. The Rockets and the Astros came close, but in the end everybody in Boston and New York got to remind us about those “Let the Bastards Freeze in the Dark” bumper stickers. Our winner captured exactly what the year was like.

AND THERE ARE OTHER SIMILARITIES AS WELL Addressing the State Democratic Executive Committee four days after the space shuttle exploded, Governor Mark White compared the ONE ON HIROSHIMA. TWO ON BEAUMONT During and appearance in Port Arthur, Congressman Jack Brooks of Beaumont was asked why the federal government allows Japan to dump products on the U. Following a disturbance, Dukes was removed from the flight because he made a remark about a bomb on the airplane. The winner was Bob Cole, a disc jokey from competing station KOKE-FM.

AND ,500 FOR BACO-BITS, SOUR CREAM, AND CHIVES Despite being notified by the Pentagon that the government would no longer pay defense contractors for nonmilitary items, General Dynamics in Fort Worth charged the U. 0,000 for kitchen equipment, including 00 for an automated potato peeler. But the management objected and asked him to move out. Milton was to face a challenge for reelection, his race was taken off the ballot when county officials learned that his term still had two years to go. THE SHAMROCK HILTON The venerable Houston hotel closed its doors for keeps in June. CULLEN DAVIS He and his brother, Ken, were ousted from management and majority ownership of Kendavis Industries by banks owed 0 million.

NO, BUT HE CAN PLAY SECOND FIDDLE Universal Television in Hollywood turned down a suggestion from the vice president’s office that George Bush make a cameo appearance as a federal drug agent on ALONG WITH A BLACK BEAN, A CIGARETTE, AND A BLINDFOLD The employees of BHP Petroleum (Americas) in Midland were summoned to a meeting following a merger and handed sealed envelopes labeled either “A” or “B.” Inside each “A” envelope was a job offer. JOHN CONNALLY He is chairman and CEO of Chapman Energy, which is in default on .5 million in bank loans.

This was the year of the red tide and the black plague—black gold, that is.

The price of a barrel of oil dropped below in April, and the rig count fell to an all-time low of 663 in July.

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