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For instance, the word for 'money' is written as wang in Malay, but uang in Indonesian, the word for 'try' is written as cuba in Malay, but coba in Indonesian, the word for 'because' is written as kerana in Malay, but karena in Indonesian, while the word for 'cake' is written as kuih in Malay, but kue in Indonesian.Pronunciation also tends to be very different, with East Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia speaking a dialect called Bahasa Baku, where the words are pronounced as spelt and enunciation tends to be clipped, staccato and faster than the Malay spoken in the Malay Peninsula, which is spoken at a more languorous pace.

The romanisations originally used in Malaya (now part of Malaysia) and the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) reflected their positions as British and Dutch possessions respectively. ‘Red’ is what describes the noun, ‘apple’ is what that noun is. This could happen if his ancestors settled in China, adopted China as his country, grew up in China and is emotionally attached to China. This would apply to a person whose ethnicity is Malay, but Chinese by heart.The ch and dj letter combinations are still encountered in names such as Achmad and Djojo (pronounced as Akhmad and Joyo respectively), although the post-1972 spelling is now favoured.Although the representations of speech sounds are now largely identical in the Indonesian and Malay varieties, a number of minor spelling differences remain, usually for historical reasons.

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