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I’m not focused on it right now but when I started they were everywhere from Liberty of London to Fred Segals and Barneys, so I’m really pleased with the response. At the time you could still find great 60s and 70s swag lights, sputnik lights, and hideous colors of pleather couches that I coveted but could never buy for my 1860’s Greek Revival home. One of our partners at the Saint had the same degree, and they both kept talking about using their knowledge to create the cure for hangovers!The jukebox was everything from Sabbath and Slayer to Abba and Devo, I think it’s still in there still loaded with our cds. – One that seems to just be making the rounds – the Sultan’s Palace!The peacock looks down at the naked woman on the chaise lounge and she is holding the skeleton of a small bird. But she is oblivious and only entranced with her little bird, even though it is just a skeleton.Some people have seen it figuratively as the circle of life – there are many things that can be read into it, but I enjoy her fascination with dead things. You obviously know about the use of absinthe at that time.New Orleanians, still mostly of French descent, followed suit, and quickly opened up three of their own absinthe manufacturers.I actually found and recreated the labels from these local companies: if you look at the bottles closely in the photo, you can see them. He has shown so many of my peers and friends’ works, from Exene to Al Jourgenson.The sultan was found in the courtyard buried alive. The killers were never found but it is believed that the sultan’s brother wanted all of his brothers killed so there would be no competition to becoming the heir.

What only those who followed White Zombie since its inception know is that the band started in art school.

To his right is guitarist Johnny Brashear, muscling out riffs from a few generations of metal, hard rock and punk, but it’s hard to look away from Sean Yseult on the other side of the stage.

It’s not that she’s crazy rocking; it’s that she’s not.

– First and last question that is in anyway related to music.

But you are very well known as a musician, apart from the medium what is the difference in expression musically and expressing yourself as an artist? With music, I can pick up a guitar or be sitting at a piano and just start improvising, until I have a riff, then another part, and then a song suddenly.

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