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So when she comes back it helps her connect them to her world. The cast are excited about hitting triple digits, but Bitsie knew it would happen from the get-go.

David Giuntoli: “There’s no amount of hard work and talent that can make something last a hundred episodes, there’s a huge amount of luck involved, you need that work and talent, but luck seems the bigger factor, so color me grateful.

Something’s going on, and you get to find out about that this season. For instance, they wiped out the entire royal family last year, so clearly they want to go in a different direction. She’s going to try her damndest, but that Wesen thing always creeps in, so we’ll see. It’s something she has no control over, and she doesn’t know when it will come back.” David Giuntoli: “Claire’s fantastic, and our characters have such a history that you don’t have to find new stuff.

I think it’s about to go there too, we are trying to be less global, and trying to bring it home, but have that reflect what’s happening globally. When they have us living in the same house together and sharing a sandwich, I know how I’m going to play that right away.

is the little show that could, as it has weathered a Friday night time slot that would normally signal that it was being dumped by the network.

Instead the show has built a steady fanbase and is about to celebrate one of the biggest anniversaries a television show can have: 100 episodes, which generally signals that the show will be packaged for syndication.

We could conceivably be doing this until we’re all in wheelchairs and using canes and hobbling around,” Tulloch says.When asked about her involvement with season five, Bitsie Tulloch left us with this: “I can’t say.” 3.It’s a dark road ahead for Detective Nick Burkhardt. it’s dark for Nick Burkhardt, the inciting event of season five, the death of my girlfriend and the beheading of my mom, what?I’d have to be a serious diva for that to be bantered about at all.” 12.The cast does refer to their Wesen hunting group as the Scooby Gang and everyone is working together this season, except Captain Renard. Which is fun because we all have fun together, but it takes much longer. The good news is the next big arc of the upcoming episode is mostly me and Nick.” Sasha Roiz is not among those seven: “I don’t want to be a part of the gang. I like being continually ambiguous and unpredictable, and I’m grateful that they’ve kept him such.

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