Pot partner dating

Open relationships and polyamory are increasingly common. One of this acquaintance's friends will be swiping and let her BFF know that her SO is on a dating app.

"For all you know, they could have an arrangement and both be on [a dating app]." Fair point.

From studies to scholarly papers to cancer societies, marijuana is becoming seriously mainstream.

Talking to the people in your life about your usage of marijuana is the best way to educate. If you’re going to talk to you family and friends about pot, make sure you have the correct information and you present it in a non-threatening way.

Eventually, with the constant influx of positive information regarding cannabis, they won’t be able to deny it.

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If you decide Nick is probably just really bad at hiding his indiscretions and is on a dating app with nefarious intentions, think about how you'd like to hear the bad news.

If presenting your family with the facts and giving them your testimony of how the plant helps does nothing to sway their opinions, you’re just going to have to agree to disagree.

At this point, some parents/siblings/significant others will just let the subject go. Some people choose to ignore what they know about cannabis and who uses it, rather than listen to proven facts.

" If you see your friend's partner on a dating app, what the hell are you supposed to do? My next idea would be to screenshot Nick's profile and send it directly to my friend (his girlfriend).

Don't send the screenshot, but make sure you have it on hand, as she'll probably want proof.

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