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We were walking around on the mezzanine level, watching all the tourists whizzing around below.Avrohom suddenly dropped to one knee, pulled out a black velvet box with a sparkling, round diamond ring inside, and asked me to marry him. “We can have a wonderful future together.” He talked about the kind of marriage he wanted, where we’d be equal partners and make decisions together. All I could think about was the excitement of the wedding.Days later, my parents got an urgent phone call from his parents — begging me to reconsider, saying that the personality he showed me on our dates wasn’t the real him, that he was nervous around girls.My parents asked me to think about it because his parents were so insistent I had the wrong impression of him.The non-profit group aims to help victims who have suffered domestic, sexual or emotional abuse.Four-and-a-half years ago, Gital Dodelson, now 25, of Lakewood, NJ, married Avrohom Meir Weiss, part of a respected rabbinic family on Staten Island.In Orthodox dating, you rely a lot on what other people tell you — what their impression is. After two months of dating — about twice a week, every week, first sharing sodas in hotel lobbies, then graduating to dinner and visits to the Museum of Natural History — we both knew we were expected to take the next step of getting engaged.It was a chilly December night, and he took me to a glitzy hotel in Midtown.

There was so much to do before our February wedding that I didn’t worry too much about our compatibility.

Now, after more than three years of pleading with Weiss to sign the document that will set her free, Dodelson has gone public with her story in The Post: I’m helping my friend get ready for a date.

It’s Saturday night after Shabbat, and I can see how excited she is as she puts on her makeup and curls her hair.

We spoke about our families, and although he seemed interested in what I had to say, it was a little off-putting because he kept fiddling with his phone.

I always think it’s impolite not to accept a second date, so I agreed to see Avrohom again.

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