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They have a few things in common: both love German shepherds and value family.And, most importantly, both are inmates at Osborn Correctional Institution, a medium-security prison in northern Connecticut.What message does it send to the criminals outside?'There is a clear indication that there's no justice for these animals, some are in there for rape yet they get entertainment such as this. 'The South African Justice System is a joke, something needs to be done and urgently!The inmates are clearly quite happy at the choice of 'entertainment'.In the background uniformed corrections officers can also be seen.“He just looked up, and it’s like you get this sense that he knows he’s safe,” says Canady, who is fourteen years into an eighteen-year sentence.It’s looks like this that make his volunteer work worth it, he says.

South African prison officials said on Monday they were considering suspending 13 guards.

Canady has been looking after Stevens (whose name has been changed here because he did not agree to be interviewed for this piece) for a little over two weeks.

At this point, caring for him means sitting by the bed to keep him company because Stevens is still largely self-sufficient.

Inmates at South Africa's 'Sun City' prison were treated to strippers as part of an official entertainment event - prompting outrage online.

Photos on social media show two women dressed in minimal outfits and knee-high leather boots relaxing with inmates.

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The mantra of hospice is “death with dignity.” It is a comfort-oriented approach to death in which quality of life is deemed as important as the number of days the patient has left.

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