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We will also inspire you with some great recipe ideas too.A delicious and savoury puff pastry that will fulfill your love/hate relationship with carbs. Besides its amusing pronunciation, musaka is a delicious potato-based dish.Signature Wines is proud to introduce this exciting new range of wines from the Stobi Winery into the UK and we welcome you to explore and discover new grape varieties from the yet-to-be discovered region of Tikveš, and the King of the Macedonia reds, the Vranec!There are over 20 different grapes varieties grown in the Tikveš region, many indigenous, helping to produce wines like the Stobi Cuvée which offers an intriguing blend of local grapes R’kaciteli, Žilavka and Župljanka.Any child who grew up in a Macedonian household knows very well that this was certainly not your preferred choice of dinner.However, as you grew into the fine, well rounded and cultured adult you are today (one can only dream, right?

Musaka is a layered dish, mainly consisting of sliced potatoes.

In between each tender and ooey-gooey layer lies a bed full of eggplant, onion, ground meat and an assortment of veggies.

The top layer is usually finished with a beautiful egg-yolk glaze, giving it a wonderfully golden colour and crispy texture.

However, when combined with the magical power of feta cheese and warm, oven fresh bread, ajvar can totally justify as a meal.

Ajvar is a delicious relish like blend consisting of roasted red bell peppers, paprika and garlic.

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