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4, on the season premier of "The West Wing." The two-hour premier will air on NBC at 9 p.m. In preparation for the 2000 NCAA Championship, the Women of Troy will be crowned national champions by the cast, crew and viewers of the Emmy Award-winning show.Look for the USC women's volleyball team as they present Vice President Hoynes (Tim Matheson) with their own championship jersey."Aaron had started playing with the idea of an assassination attempt months before," said Mr. or that weren't going to care." Quite the opposite.Spencer, referring to "West Wing" guiding light Aaron Sorkin. and I think that the Republicans, who started the George Bush juggernaut, thought that we weren't going to notice . "If you've got to run for president, at the very least, you've got to be able to speak in complete sentences." - Sheen, who's a social sort, was a bit loose of lip after the Television Critics Association's Awards in July, at least until John Spencer came over and went all Leo Mc Garry on him, pulling Sheen back before he ventured too far onto the grassy knoll.Even Republicans consider The West Wing a guilty pleasure."I was prepared not to like it because it was about my sacred White House," says Fitzwater. It very accurately portrays so many elements of presidential life - the frantic urgency about issues and decisions." Fitzwater acknowledges that the show has detractors in the GOP." [And] he's telling me he's upset because there is no national security adviser on the show," Sorkin says. To make the scenes authentic, producers have requested detailed information about GW Hospital for the writers, set designers, and costume designers. You would think that our national security team was protesting in jest, because there's no national security adviser, and foreign policy seems to be handled by a general. - So, of course, us spoiler vultures and future lawyers in the room sensing possible vulnerability, the first question was "Ok, so if we all promise not to let it leave this room....would you tell us who got shot? "..if we all didn't know already), and that "At least one person was shot, but it couldn't matter less who you'll all understand what I mean when you see it." You better be right, Mr. He confirms the old spoilers, that "I'm really telling two stories here the aftermath of when someone tries to assassinate a President and how the entire Bartlet staff came together three years ago." The premiere, interestingly, as I said, it's a two-parter that I had written assuming that it was going to be aired over two weeks, and it's now going to be aired back-to-back.

It's a very ambitious episode, the most ambitious we've done. During the dark days of Bartlet's candidacy, Toby Ziegler (Richard Schiff) counsels his man to tell Iowa [New Hampshire] farmers the unpleasant truth about their federal subsidies, a la John Mc Cain.In fact you'll hear about it in the show (tonight)," and on other issues, such as gun control and abortion, says Sorkin. After a quick gasp from the cast and audience, Sheen put his hand to his mouth. "And to see what happens at a White House when shots are fired at a president is fascinating, and I know it's something we'll deal with. Every time it seemed to me that (the story) would have a chance to go in an obvious way or an indulgent way, he always surprises me with the unexpected and the realistic.It also gives Aaron an opportunity to go back and see how these people got together. As long as he's writing the words, I don't have too much fear." - Lowe, who also mingled with critics on the TV tour last summer, confirmed that Sorkin pitched him tonight's script "almost word-for-word" well over a year ago. "I was really turned on by the drama (of an assassination attempt), all the events that occur in the minutes and hours after an event like that," - What Schlamme will say is that the resolution to the cliffhanger won't be drawn out ("You find out everything right away").How do I set up the rules with viewers that from time to time, this is going to happen and you shouldn't be upset by it?"I just want to be able to write the moment when someone walks up to Martin Sheen and says, 'Sir, all three networks and CNN are calling and projecting you the winner.' Just to see what happens to his face when he realizes he's the President." - Peggy Noonan, a journalist and former speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan, and Marlin Fitzwater, ex-press secretary to both Reagan and President George Bush, will join a team of backstage political consultants that already includes ex-Clinton spokeswoman Dee Dee Myers.

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