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Theodoric continued to rule Italy with an army of Ostrogoths and a government that was mostly Italian.

After the death of Theodoric in 526, the kingdom began to grow weak.

But Byzantine rule in Italy collapsed again by 572 as a result of invasions by another Germanic tribe, the Lombards, though some areas in the extreme south remained under Byzantine rule as the "theme of Lombardy".

During the 5th and 6th centuries, the popes increased their influence in both religious and political matters in Italy.

your recipe is such a clear description of what to do and how to do it.

I made a batch for an Italian party and everyone thought I bought them at a specialty market (the whole almonds look professional, though a bit harder to slice as you say). We are really enjoying these and I will use the recipe again but will add some vanilla or almond essence as I normally do. I was in Florence in May of last year…fell in love with Cantuccini and Vin Santo…so much so I’ve already had 2 cases of vin santo sent to me. I’m Italian and I found your recipe of cantuccini yhe most reliable one in internet.

However, he also moved his capital from Rome to Constantinople, greatly reducing the importance of the former.Our hostess then reached under the counter and poured the 6 of us generous glasses of 10 year old grappa di vin santo. Sadly, there was none available for purchase, nott even a current release. bought some from Carli and have been hooked ever since, will buy them yet from Carli Fratelli, just trying to prove that i will be able to make them, at 91 years young i still have that get up and go. I am an armagnac fan and this was on a par with some of the better armagnacs that I have had. Today was my first attempt at making the cantuccini. So easy and when I dipped the first one in my Vin Santo it brought back all the wonderful memories of my time in Florence! So, I made two batches of them and everybody found them perfect. wine we produce in Valnure, Colli Piacentini, North west of Milan, Italy. grazie e ciao I was reading your cantuccini recipe and saw reference to vin santo.I substituted Vinsanto for Amaretto and we had them with Malvasia Dolce, a D. We were in Montepulciano visiting the Avignonesi tasting room.

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The lady behind the counter didn’t speak English but two of us spoke French as did she.

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