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"Well, you're certainly strong enough, remind me a lot of your grandfather," she said.

Granddad was indeed a strong bulky man, though he'd been working farms and ranches for years.

Sure..wasn't some young glamour model or anything like that.

And with one or two more buttons usually undone than most might think appropriate, especially for someone her age, she had great looking tits.So, needless to say, I was more than anxious to go up and stay with her at the ranch for a while, or for however long I was needed.It would give me a chance to get away from my parents who'd begun pressuring me to take "any job" as they saw it, though to me at the time, just taking a job to have a job wasn't the way to live either.And the other thing was, I had a very hard time thinking of her as "Granny," even though all my cousin's called her by that name.For me, it was a kind of a compromise, I called her Gran, which she accepted as being that perhaps.

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