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CHAPTER 1: After an appetising lunch, Aunty Pat and Anita Armitage left to get kitted out in different outfits, which I was soon to find was part of their penchant for always looking ravishing for their sex slave.

As Anita adjusted the strap tightly around the base of my cock I felt hundreds of little pricks starting to inflict themselves on my balls. "Now in a pose flogging there are three positions, and you will be ordered to adopt them on the command 'Position 1' and so on." I nodded. "Raise the bar above your head, arms fully extended and spread your feet about a yard apart - that'll help with your balance." I did as I was told, feeling the strain on my calves and thighs as I assumed the position.

Aunty Pat returned carrying a cat o' nine tails and a metal rod like a golf club, only with leather grips at each end. "That's the pose," said Aunty Pat, "now all we need is the flogging." And with that she traced the cat down my back, from shoulders to buttocks. "It's a rubber flogger," Aunty Pat explained, "which means it won't break the skin and it won't be too painful - just a light stinging." And then she flicked the flogger between my spread thighs, the tips of the lashes curling around my rubber-cover balls. Every now and again the blow was of such force that I was forced to teeter forward on tip toe.

My aunt instructed me to return to the games room and await their return and I was kneeling in the middle of the chamber when the domination duo returned. Aunty smiled and held out her hand to get me to stand.

"I'm sure he will," said my aunt as Miss Anita went into command mode.

"On the floor, kneeling with your knees about a yard apart, slave," she told me. "Now behind you put your feet together, then place the rod behind you, lay it across the backs of your ankles and grab it." This forced my upper torso and genitals into a completely helpless display for my dominatrix.

Miss Anita stood alluringly before me, her nipples peeping through the open-fronted PVC bra, her minge brown and inviting.

Their small breasts with the cherry red nipples erect, were bare.

As Pepina and Conchita settled down on the couch, Miss Anita drew her arm back and flogged the cat down across my tautened buttocks.

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Look, Rick, we're training you to be a sex slave and that's our number one priority now.

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