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Margot - thanks for another update - I for one would like to hear from JJ to get a male perspective on such goings on.Yik Yakker - that movie has been released under several titles but "Naked Massacre" seems to be the one that stuck - it's a fairly accurate representation of the Richard Speck incident but was shot and set in Ireland - the actress is Carole Laure, a smoldering dark haired beauty of Canadian origin - strange on the title as there is no "naked" in the film - gotta love those marketing guys huh.Mainstream bondage/torture flicks have always been what really does it for me, I guess because of the build-up and pretty, high-budget make-up and actresses.The Flash Gordon scene, Barbarian Queen flicks, and even old black and white clips like the Desert Warrior? I like the Mutant X electro scene thats up on Youtube as well--beautiful woman there.

Best fantasy hot iron torture scenes on the web by far.I have new ideas, new plans for the next pussy roasting that will incorporate suggestions from you and others. I think ultimately, it comes down to the fact that we are using consenting adults.We collect and copy ID's, take interviews, have them sign lots and lots of paperwork.The episodes are: almost rape and branding scenes: 1x02 (I think that the whipping scene also belongs to episode 2, but Im not sure). d=DNUC2UQB Barbara tortured by Marco: 1x04 Download link: d=9HEYBMKY Yik Yakker wrote: Damn, I wish I understood Spanish. Hmm, isn't that one of the many extinct species of dinosaur?

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