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This is in sharp contrast to "archeofeminists" like myself, who recognize that women are just fine as we are and would in fact be weakened by becoming more like men.

We're cruising in and around an area known as Walnut Hill -- one of the more dangerous neighborhoods in the city -- and we are looking for prostitutes.

Several students afterwards commented to Levitt that Allie's lecture was the single-best lecture that they had attended in all their years at the University of Chicago, "which is both a firm testament to Allie's insights and a brutal indictment of Levitt and the other professors." (The Department of Economics at Chicago is the best economics department in the world and has produced more Nobel laureates than any other single department.) Meanwhile, back at the blog, my earlier post caught the attention of a retired prostitute named Maggie.

She contacted me out of the blue (just like Allie contacted Levitt out of the blue) and corrected some misconceptions that I had about prostitution.

Most escorts who are treated as though they're "bought and paid for" will try to complete the act as quickly as possible and get such a client out the door.

Furthermore, in my experience, the typical client enjoys the illusion that a beautiful woman wants to spend time with him, even if he Another mistake that I made, which Maggie implicitly points out in her message above, is to treat all of prostitution (and all prostitutes) as one monolithic and undifferentiated entity.

Maggie very politely pointed out some of my misconceptions.

Since I cannot really say it any better than she did in her initial email message to me, I'll quote her message here.

Depending on your perspective, the preceding setup may sound like a work of fiction, a comically embellished account of a bachelor party gone awry or perhaps a rock-bottom "share" from an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.Given that context, it's not surprising that prostitution arrests don't create major headlines.But, that doesn't stop the police from cracking down.The vignette actually took place during one of On's two recent "ridealongs" with officers from the Milwaukee Police Department on a vice squad sting.Drew Olson and Andy Tarnoff split up to capture every angle of the action, tonight with new friend and driver, Detective Dan, who is a veteran vice squad detective. Roughly two months later, Olson and Tarnoff returned to the same area with members of the vice squad to watch an afternoon sting looking for "johns" before heading to the near North Side to observe a sweep of prostitutes.

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