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I am considering Virtual as well using a DBaa S (Database as a Service) model, but am curious if it can/should be done physically.Is it possible to have four separate instances point to four separate databases on one machine?Using Resource Manager you can give a certain performance guarantee for the specific services.Services are a smart thing to use, it is the easiest thing to see how resources are used, compared to one and other.Thanks Phil, could you elaborate Option 1 a little more?Do I need to use Oracle RAC or Oracle RAC One Node to achieve this?Consolidating to a single database is also easy if the separate databases don't have conflicting schema names.If they do, it may not be an issue as long as the applications/interfaces/packages don't have hard-coded schema names - it's easy to export data from one schema in a database & import it into a different schema on another database.

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I understand that an instance in Oracle maps to a database hosting many tablespaces.

I have a fairly good grasp of the fundamentals, however if I wanted to consolidate SERVER1,.., SERVER4 running Oracle database into one server what would be the best way to do it physically?

So for simply consolidating database into one single database you don't need RAC but you could, if you want/need to do this.

If you are consolidating into one database there are a few things to take into account: When you have naming conflicts, there is a problem, combination not possible.

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