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She chose to speak with a man whose name was Ahmed, because his comment wasn't especially threatening — he said, "you're like sugar." He agreed to speak with her on tape, and below is the transcript of a portion of their conversation, translated into English.

JS: Do you think it's okay to talk to a woman and say she's like sugar? JS: In your life, have you ever put your hands on a woman?

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Many things have changed in Egypt since the Arab Spring uprising in 2011.

But one thing that's remained a constant is sexual harassment.

A: Well if they knew, they would say, no, don't do this, it's like your sister, but they don't know! JS: Do you think that this verbal harassment is okay? The US has a long way to go to make our streets safe for all women and I hope to report on street harassment in the US in the future. Here's an article in the Harvard Law Review by Cynthia Grant Bowman called "Street Harassment and the Informal Ghettoization of Women". Also, be sure to check out the work of Hannah Price, a photographer who is taking the portraits of the men who verbally harass her on the streets of Philadelphia. I know that my experience of catcalling in the US is vastly different from the experiences of some of my friends who are women of color -- that is to say, I experience it rarely, they experience it frequently. JS: What do you think of the fact that Egypt is famous, Egyptian youth are famous for verbal sexual harassment? I just like to do this, I like to say “you’re like sugar,” but I won’t do it anymore.

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A: There are ones that get upset and ones who don't — there are two kinds.

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