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‘s “old transporter systems were only ever used for cargo,” while we learn in “Broken Bow” that the NX-01’s transporter pad was recently “approved for biomatter – meaning armory officers and helmsmen.” In an interview with is higher? Either way it predates the NX-01, and was reclassified after the UFP is formed. ship (or a United Earth Starfleet ship that housed M. While that wasn’t specifically discussed, it’s our conclusion that the United Earth fleet must have started over when it came for the Warp 5 starship’s numbering – the Warp 4 ships were the previous line of construction.Once a young human girl named Annika Hansen, born to parents who liked to explore the unknown, she and her family were basically the first members of as a liaison between the Starfleet ship and the Borg Collective, and was later liberated (against her will) from the Borg and made an individual again.

service, which was absorbed into the Federation Starfleet after the Romulan War concluded and the United Federation of Planets were founded in 2161.

(The The first child born on Voyager, Naomi joined the crew in the middle of Season 2.

She aged at least twice as fast as a human child, thanks to her father's Ktarian heritage.

She lived with her human mother, Ensign Samantha Wildman, but didn't know her Ktarian father, who was back in the Alpha Quadrant serving aboard Deep Space Nine.

Neelix was her primary caretaker besides her mother.

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