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This domestic discipline movie featuring no less than 3 stunning naked girls who are in turn caned (his girlfriend) without doubt took the hardest caning across her bare backside - is out now for viewing and download from the ever growing Spanking Digital members only area!

Chessie Kay has been punished once too many times so this time Michael decides to use the chair she is sat waiting for him on as part of her humiliating spanking session.

I was given the spanking until my ass was a dark shade of red. I don't think I will take her Webcam again without asking. She has lived in the UK some 5 years with her rather old fashioned husband.

When ever she steps out of line she is given a long lecture about mending her ways & then this normally means a severe thrashing across her plump bare bottom Having been home 3 times in the past month full of booze her hubby had decided enough be enough.

Lucy and Elizabeth have a routine that they both agree to go through 1 time every week.

They both understand the need for strict discipline & actually both enjoy the ritual.

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