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Wi-fi, which Apple's Face Time uses, promises a maximum about 1,000 times faster than a traditional phone line.Many use this increased bandwidth to share photos and videos or otherwise entertain themselves online, but the deaf community is using it to convey necessary elements of their language and communicate more naturally.Check out these free options for video chat that are probably already on your device!*Please bring your fully charged devices with you, your email address, and any passwords necessary to download apps to your device (such as i Cloud or Google passwords.) Your device must have a camera or webcam to place video chat calls. i Pads and i Phones: Where would we parents be without them?They help our kids with everything from reading and writing through to learning about dinosaurs and chemistry; they provide a way for them to chat with their friends; and, let’s face it, they sometimes keep them entertained when we are trying to answer some emails or cook dinner! Sometimes it’s easy to forget that these devices that we let our kids play on are fully-fledged, Internet-connected computers.

Once connected, Face Time users rely on the i Phone's front-facing video camera to record their conversation (whether verbal or via ASL) and the phone's display screen to watch the person on the other end of the line.

Once you’ve set a passcode, Restrictions are turned on.

You can change any of the settings in the Restrictions window to enable or disable certain features.

Apple has a Web page devoted to how the i Phone 4 is accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people, but the Face Time application is absent.

A commercial for the new i Phone, however, includes a brief conversation in ASL between a couple.

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New video-friendly mobile devices, including Apple's i Phone 4 and HTC's EVO, have likewise helped.

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