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By partnering with your tween when they start dating, you will keep the lines of communication open from their first love to their last.

Even before the page has fully loaded, the popular Facebook group “Teen Dating and Flirting” looks like a something straight out of some parental nightmare.

Also be sure they have contingency plans should the date not go as planned.(A Facebook spokesman did not immediately return The Washington Post’s request for explanation.) Many of the publicly viewable teen dating groups flagrantly flout the site’s community standards: Aside from the routine harassment and borderline hate speech, “Teen Dating and Flirting” is also littered with explicit pornography.It’s unclear if the subjects of all those photos are adults.All in all, your tween is not alone in having a long-lasting, serious romantic relationship.Whether children dating is healthy or unhealthy, however, is still debated by social scientists.

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Therefore, it's up to you to determine what you're comfortable with for your child and to set up dating ground rules, regardless of what other kids may or may not be doing.

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