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Hence, after three years of work: I'm terminating the Kent-book." Did you know that kent also has started tweeting (in Swedish).

You can find their tweets under the name @Kent The Band.

The single will be released March 9 and the album April 13 in Norway.

More news: Kent guitarist Sami Sirvi has worked together with West End Girls member Isabelle Erkendal in a new project named Lonely Girl.

In November Jocke, Martin, Markus and Sami went to France, when they got back home they had a whole new album in their luggage. That remains to see but the band says: "We wanted to do a collection of songs where only the best melodies had a place.

Proud, hopeful and free (well, almost) of self pity.

Isabelle and Sami has written the songs on the forthcoming album "Frog the ball" together and Sami has produced the album in kent's studio "Park Studio".

Vega is followed by Rockerfeller in Oslo, Norway on friday and Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday.

We are extremely glad to announce that we have started sessions for album 10.

We are currently residing in a studio in the south of France where we are putting together new wicked songs for yet another magic album. Hugs and kisses kent." Pics from the studio in France has been uploaded on both Friday last week and today. Allthough this is the first official news regarding the band since the last single was released in October 2010 the members have been involved in a lot of side projects the last year.

After that kent will play Gothenburg, Eskilstuna and Malm.

June 27 kent kicks off the summer tour in Helsinki.

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I, who ran to the store to buy A-ha's first record the day it was released (june 1st 1985 aparently and one of the first 10 albums I bought with my own money, and one of the best) thought it was a fun idea.

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